Rent one for your party!

We'll deliver right to your event and set it up for you and your guests.

Buy one for your business!

Margaritas are one of El Paso's most popular drinks, let the machine do the hard work and in the end it'll pay for itself.

Own your own business!

We can help get you the right equipment to get you started, check it out.

- What we have to offer -

Margarita Machine Rentals

Mas Tequila rents frozen drink machines for all occasions!  No ice, no blender, no mess.  With our machines you can watch your guests serve themselves and enjoy the party!  To reserve your date online, go to the Reserve page.

Having a Big Event?

Rent our double whammy, Mucho Tequila! Two machines for those events that require two of our awesome flavors to choose from like Pina Colada and Old-Fashioned Margarita for your guests.

You get the whole package!

The rental comes with one jug of Mix (Flavors include Pina Colada, Hurricane, Gold Margarita, etc.), Margarita Salt, Straws, Cups & The Machine.
- If you buy the tequila from our partner at Borderland Shark Liquor it will be only $30 for 3 Liters. You can always buy your own top shelf tequila as well.

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